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29-12-2001 GMT 14:14 Port Elisabeth - Capetown
Arrived in Knysna! Good but rough ride so far. We received a great welcome in the Local Yachtklub. We will stay and celebrate New Year's Eve here!
28-12-2001 GMT 15:36 Port Elisabeth - Capetown
We left Port Elisabeth - Heading for Capetown! A fair breeze and the sun is shining.
20-12-2001 GMT 15:56 Port Elisabeth
We arrived in Port Elisabeth! A huge "julekrokost" (traditional christmas eating and drinking orgie) is awaiting us - yahoo. We are about to decorate the boat with lightchains.
20-12-2001 GMT 08:18 Durban - Capetown
We have been struggling against the wind for the last 36 hours. Our plan is to enter Port Elisabeth and wait for better wheather. How is Christmas time back there? So far we have not been able to get the right christmas-spirit. But that spirit will come soon ;o)
18-12-2001 GMT 17:15 Durban - Capetown
We are jumping the waves with a speed of 9.6 Knots and the vessel is very steady on the wheel. Lots of dolphins around the boat and life is beautifull. We broke the old speedrecord - we made a 172 Miles in straight line to the target!!!
Pos: 32.17S 29.03E
17-12-2001 GMT 16:39 Durban - Capetown
We departed from Durban heading for Capetown - though with a few stops along the path. We expect the current weatherimage to last for another 3 or 4 days - meaning full speed ahead and the genaker hoisted.
12-12-2001 GMT 20:54 Durban
So here we are - back after a very interestering tour to the very center of South Africa. We have been trekking, horsebackriding and BBQing. We will wait for some good wind and weather and then we are  heading further down south.
06-12-2001 GMT 19:15 Durban
Red.: The Dream crew has arrived in Durban and is in this very minute barbecuing and "getting their luxury bodies roasted" so everyone onboard is OK.
04-12-2001 GMT 18:23 Richards Bay - Durban
Departed from Richards Bay - Heading for Durban. Good and fair NE breeze. We are rushing. Arrival tomorrow morning.
19-11-2001 GMT 17:24 Richards Bay
We arrived  in Richards Bay in South Africa. We had a realy good voyage - all the way. Everyone is very tired, so lets call it a day!!! ZZZZZzzzzz
17-11-2001 GMT 17:24 Mauritius - Durban
300 Nm left before we will arrive in Africa. One big Tuna lost. But we caught a big Tuna instead. Enough food for the next two days. Everything OK onboard.
Pos:29.00S 37.55E
15-11-2001 GMT 13:53 Mauritius - Durban
Everything still OK out here. We caught the calm belt and have been here for more than 24 hours. So the Mercedes is doing overtime ;o) Fresh baked Ryebread and liverpatee consumed.
We renamed the Indian Ocean to The Dead Ocean - we have not caught a single fish for the last 19 days.
Pos:29.05S 42.45E
11-11-2001 GMT 17:53 Mauritius - Durban
The workshop has been open all day. Paint and shavings allover the boat. Delicious sausage-buns consumed. Lovely voyage. 
Pos:25.21S 50.22E
07-11-2001 GMT 09:47 Mauritius
We will leave Mauritius within the next couple off hours - Bound for Durban, South Africa.
The last couple of days we spent on preparing the vessel for the next leg on the voyage. Fresh water, vegetables and fruits - yammm
The voyage is expected to last about 2 weeks - the distance is 1500 Miles and the weather happens to be rather unpredictable in this specific region.
Regards from Dream
15-10-2001 GMT 13:56 Mauritius
Finally all our guests has arrived on board. After some hustle and arguing with the customers they were allowed to enter the country. By now we are lined up for imported hotdogs!!!
Regards from the faboulous packet of not seven but eleven.
12-10-2001 GMT 13:09 Mauritius
Hellou Mauritius here we are. We had a few cold beers and a good dinner is waiting. We had a really good voyage so the Indian Ocean is conqured to! We are loking foreward to have visitors from back home and to discover new places. In good spirit - we are the boyz.
Pos:20.09S 57.30E
09-10-2001 GMT 11:14 Cocos Keeling - Mauritius
Only 350 Miles to go. It is going to be nice to get solid ground under the feet again. We had a lot of gusts and just as many sailshifts. The last Risengrød (danish christmas-rice-porridge!!!) went on the floor - Yaak
Pos:18.58S 63.45E
05-10-2001 GMT 17:59 Cocos Keeling - Mauritius
The sun has been shining today and we still fly the waves. The spirits are high. Fresh baked whitebread and fresh brewed coffee - Life is beautifull.
Pos:18.28S 73.16E
02-10-2001 GMT 15:06 Cocos Keeling - Mauritius
Ahhheeeee Mauritius Here we come. We are still rushing. To day we did 150 Miles and we are going for a new record tomorrow. Everything OK.
Pos:16.37S 81.03E
29-09-2001 GMT 13:58 Cocos Keeling - Mauritius
There is plenty of wind and the waves are fuc... big, but we are rushing. Everything is OK on board.
Pos:14.39S 87.51E (25% of the distance done!)
"The lazy packet"
27-09-2001 GMT 15:49 Cocos Keeling - Mauritius
One Tuna, one Dorado caught, beautifull supper. We made 260 Miles the last couples of days - what a rushhhh.
Pos:13.30S 92.05E
25-09-2001 GMT 11:15 Cocos Keeling - Mauritius
We departed from Cocos Keeling. Heading for Mauritius. We will then go South of Africa!
2300 Miles To Go
Pos:12.04S 96.45E
24-09-2001 GMT 04:04 Cocos Keeling
Due to the situation in the world we have decided not to go to the Maldives and the Red Sea. In stead we will take the southern route around Cape of Good Hope. 
This means that our next destination will be Mauritius about 2300 Miles South West of Cocos Keeling. We expect to arrive there by the 17-10-2001 and a lot of mails from you guys.
14-09-2001 GMT 02:59 Cocos Keeling
We made it. After 3½ days and nights with full speed we finally arrived in Cocos Keeling. We are now waiting for the customers to come.
13-09-2001 GMT 07:45 Christmas Island - Cocos Keeling
Well on the way. The wind is fresh and from abaft thwartship. We will arrive at Cocos Keeling in a couple of days.
Pos:11.32S 100.56E
11-09-2001 GMT 09:36 Christmas Island - Cocos Keeling
We departed from Christmas Island. Heading for Cocos Keeling. Yesternight we went lobsterhunting. We caught two giant lobsters - yammy.
Pos:10.25s 105.35e
10-09-2001 GMT 10:37 Christmas Island
We will depart from Christmas Island tomorrow and head for Cocos Keeling. This voyage will take about 5 days. We really enjoyed life on this beautyfull island.
03-09-2001 GMT 10:56 Christmas Island
Arrived on Christmas Island. We had a very good voyage - plenty of wind and fine weather. We will soon start entering that norwegian containervessel to solve the hostage situation - about time is it not?
31-08-2001 GMT 14:03 Bali - Christmas Island
Well on the way to Christmas Islands. We expect to be there Sunday or Monday. The last 24 hour we sailed 150 Miles.
29-08-2001 GMT 09:38 Bali - Christmas Island
We left Bali and are now heading for Christmas Islands. Beautifull sailing weather.
22-08-2001 GMT 14:11 Bali
Arrived on Bali. We expect to stay here for a week or so.
20-08-2001 GMT 09:37  Darwin - Bali
We have been celebrating the birhtday of Christian. We caught a giant Dorado - 137cm, 15kg. Fresh baked bread consumed. Every thing OK.
Pos:9.47s 117.32e
18-08-2001 GMT 19:09  Darwin - Bali
Left Ashmore Reef. Bound for Bali. Beautiful weather - made for sailing.
Pos:11.06S 120.34E
17-08-2001 GMT 09:34  Ashmore Reef
We arrived on Ashmore Reef a very beautyfull "bounty-like" sandbank with two palmtrees, crystalclear water and dusins of turtles, seasnakes, mantarays and sharks. We will soon be of for Bali.
13-08-2001 GMT 11:24  Darwin - Bali
We left Australia behind oz! Heading for Ashmore Reef for a little swim and then Bali, sunshine, turtles and dolphins. Everything OK.
Dream Team
12-08-2001 GMT 17:54 GoooodBye Darwin
According to a wellinformed source ;o) Dream will leave Darwin tonight (GMT) and head for Bali, Indonesia.
23-07-2001 GMT 05:45 Farvel
Today webmaster Gunnar is returning to Denmark (in 3 hours), and he will soon be taking over on this site.

Thanks a lot for the kind letters I have recieved while working on this site.
Take care of yourself - and of everybody else..

Pos: Esbjerg - Denmark
23-07-2001 GMT 05:01 Darwin in sight
Darwin In Sight!
Within reach of mobile Telefon again - So you just call
Arrival in a few hours.

Pos:12.12S 130.53E
20-07-2001 GMT 04:43 Croker Island
Arrived at Croker Island, 140 Miles North of Darwin
Comfortable place, known for giving shelter to a lot of 'Crocs' - so we don´t jump into the water
Everything is OK - and tonight we shall sleep -a lot.

Pos:11.00S 132.33E
18-07-2001 GMT 06:10 The Gulf of Carpentaria is passed
We have passed The Great Bay - Gulf Of Carpentaria, Looking for a good anchor place.
A big nosey whale followed us earlier to day.
Nice weather and high spirits

Pos:10.56S 137.07E
16-07-2001 GMT 04:55 Crossing Gulf of Carpentaria
Left Thursday Island
Nice weather and following wind
The next couple of days we are crossing The Gulf Of Carpentaria

Pos: 10.34S 142.06E
13-07-2001 GMT 01:44 Thursday Island
Arrived atThursday Island. 
Quite a fast trip: 165 Miles in 25 hours. 
Strait of Torres was passed at dead of night =  Piece Of Cake
Love from The Three Musketeers
12-07-2001 GMT 01:12 Heading for Cape York
We have left Portland Road and are heading for Cape York
Passing Torres Straedet tomorrow morning
Fine weather and a good wind
We are runnig out of tooth paste - So now we soon will have to use sun creame!
Pos: 11.55S  143.15E

Love Dennis, Rene, Lise
10-07-2001 GMT 01:12 Cold Drinks
Cold drinks on the foredeck !
Sailing this evening further North
Nice weather
Fine Wind, No waves and the spinnaker is up
Everything OK

Pos:13.21S 143.38E
07-07-2001 GMT 01:12 Lizard Island
Arrived at Paradise Island, Lizard Island
We feel damed fine!
Pos:14.39S 145.27E
04-07-2001 GMT 09:56 Left Cairns
Left Cairns, Nice to be at the Ocean again
Arrived at Green Island
Lots of sun and blue water
Pos:16.45S 145.57E
15-06-2001 GMT 08:56 In Australien
Arrived at Cairns - What a trip! Full speed on the box - the whole way. 
14-06-2001 GMT 03:25 Soon in Cairns
Nice weather again - Sun and blue sky. About 24 hours to Cairns
10-06-2001 GMT 08:45 Midway - Pos 15.18S 155.30 E
We Have Passed Midway Vanuatu-Cairns 
Sailed 145 Miles The Last 24 Hours 
Champagne enjoyed - High Spirits
Pos:15.18S 155.30E
08-06-2001 GMT 01:57 Direction Australien - Pos 15.36S 161.00 E
We Had 2 Days With Plenty of Wind.
We Are Speeding Towards Australia
High Spirits And Wet Berths
Pos:15.36S 161.00E
06-06-2001 GMT 02:41 Left Vanuatu - Pos 15.35S 165.18 E
Left Vanuatu
Rather Good Wind, Sailing For foresail Only
Everything OK
Pos:15.35S 165.18E
28-05-2001 GMT 00:19 Luganville
Arrived at Luganville A Very Hot Place Had A Very God Sailing
Saw Giant Flock Of Dolphins
22-05-2001 GMT 05:58 Vanuatu - Pos 17.44S 168.18 E
Arrived at Vanuatu. Ancored at Port Vila And Waiting for a visit of the authorities - Not before to morrow morning.
So, we are enjoying the tropical night with about 31 Deg C
Pos:17.44S 168.18E
21-05-2001 GMT 06:31 Mettes birthday
Lousy weather adverse wind and high sea
Birthday on the ocean - Mette surpriced with hot cocoa, Morning singing and flag - Less than 30 deg inclination.
19-05-2001 GMT 06:31 Ouvae - Pos 20.41S 166.26 E
We have just left Ouvea And are now heading for Vanuatu 
We have had a couple of nice divings in crystal clear water
Pos: 20.22S 166.28E
18-05-2001 GMT 00:48 Ouvae - Pos 20.41S 166.26 E
We are about to drop the anchor in the very beautiful atoll Ouvea.
The colour of the water is Turkisblue and is only beaten by TV commercials for toilet cleanings.
We have had some real good sailing days.
POS20.41S 166.26E
17-05-2001 GMT 00:06 Leaving New Caledonien - Pos 22.20S 167.02 E
Finally left NewCal. After 2 days being wind-bound! 
Course: The Atoll Ouvea And Later on Vanuatu
pos:22.20S 167.02E
13-05-2001 GMT 02:12 Ame De Island
Arrived af Ame Dee Island", 15 Nmiles From Noumera
We will go back to Noumera to Chek out of New Cal.
Had 2 megastrong divings today, a wreck diving and a reef diving
-Seen Sharks etc.
Cannot get our arms down again....
06-05-2001 GMT 04:45 Cap Des Cannibals - Pos 22.32S 167.24 E
Arrived at "Ile Des Pins"
Nice Sailing Caught A Nice Blue Tunafish ,Seen Dolphins
Are At Anchor In Emerald Green Waters - Diving Paradise - Right Under The Keel
Pos:22.32S 167.24E
04-05-2001 GMT 06:23 Cap Des Cannibals - Pos 22.19S 167.00 E
Arrived at Cap Des Cannibals! Have Had Visuel Contact with Local population. 
They are driving Opel Kadett ;-)
Tomorrow we are heading for Isle Pines. High Spirits And Happy Days
pos:22.19S 167.00E
03-05-2001 GMT 10:55 Ilot Casy - Pos 22.21S 166.50 E
Anchor Dropped At Ilot Casy
Nice Dinghy Safari To Mangrove Area- With lots of Stingrays,
Waterfalls And Hotpools
Days of Snorckling Og Diving-
Yes - It keeps more and more difficult to preserve pessimism  ;-) 
(danish humour...)
Pos:22.21S 166.50E
02-05-2001 GMT 06:52 Bay De Prony
Arrived At Baie De Prony
Nice Inreef Sailing
Gunner And Mette Are Handling The Sailing While Dennis And Rene Are Lazing Away
Lots of Greatings
02-05-2001 GMT 00:05 Heading for Isle des Pins
Had a beautiful Dive Yesterday.Heading for Isle des Pins in
The Southern New Caledonien. Weather And Spirit in Top.
Dennis og Gunnar
28-04-2001 GMT 06:00 Pos22.16S 166.26E
Arrived at New Caledonien After a Real Good yachting.
Lost GenuaForstag,Sailed 3 Days For foresail  And Reefed mainsail
Everything Is Ok Free Cocktails Are Waiting At the YachtClub 
Pos:22.16S 166.26E
24-04-2001 GMT 01:34 Pos29.13S 171.04E
Everything is fine - Fair wind and we are sailing with an average of 6 Knots
Everybody is well; and life is wonderful
Pos:29.13S  171.04E
22-04-2001 GMT 07:03 Pos32.53S 172.44E
Fine Bluewater Sailing. Light Wind And Spinnaker Sailing
Chili damped Popcorn consumed
Pos32.53S 172.44E
21-04-2001 GMT 00:07 Opua, North New Zealand
Left Opua
Stopped For The Night In The Bay Out Of Russel
Left This Morning - Bound For New Caledonien
The Sun Is Shining And We Are "Way Out" Again
15-04-2001 GMT 03:52 Opua, North New Zealand
Arrived early this morning - quite tired - to Opua. We will wait here for better sailing weather and then we hit for New Caledonien. Last night we had 230 mm rain in a period of only 18 hours.
11-04-2001 GMT 06:28 Great Barrier Island, New Zealand
Arrived at Great Barrier Island Pos: 36.10S 175.21E
Impressing seaward approach with big jumping dolphins.
Evening dinner: Harpooned Duck
09-04-2001 GMT 05:53 Tauranga, New Zealand SatCom message
Left Tauranga.
Pleasant departure at the bridge.
Arrived at Slipper Island.
Nice to see some water around again. POS:37,04S - 175,56E
Greetings from The 4
31-01-2001 GMT 05:20 Tauranga, New Zealand
Right now we are situated in Tauranga. We wil stay here for a while to make the boat ship shape for the next "episode". Rene is back in Denmark on a little vacation. Susan and myself are enjoying life with some minor repairs on the boat.
Dennis & Susan
05-01-2001 GMT 07:54 Comromandel, New Zealand
We are cruising with our parents. Right now we are situated at the peninsula Comromandel. A very beautiful place. The weather is perfect.