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pilen.gif (506 bytes)27-07-2002 GMT 13:00 Esbjerg
Exactly 13:00 GMT Dream sailed into Esbjerg harbour, her hometown. About 300 people were gathered to celebrate this great event. Firecrackers, conwoysailing and lots of hugs and kisses and a huge partytent was built on the harbourside. What a party ;o)
14-07-2002 GMT 09:24 Scotland
Arrived at WhiskyLand (Scotland) Passed the first lock and the next days we will pass the Caledonian Channel
All well on board - and now breakfast!
Pos:56.50N 5.07W
12-07-2002 GMT 09:14 Dublin - heading for Scotland
Dublin Visited, Real Nice Place - And Good Beers
Are Going North, Direction Scotland Maybe A Few Stops
Pos:53.19N 6.08W
07-07-2002 GMT 09:14 Cork
We have just arrived in Crosshaven Marina by Cork, Ireland. So now we are back in Europe again ! We had a great sail and a very beautifull entrance to Ireland.
Pos: 51.48N 8.18W
03-07-2002 GMT 12:05 Azores - Cork
We have just passed a very very low low ;o) Plenty of wind the last 36 hours. Everything OK and the speed is excellent. Expected arrival in Ireland the upcomming weekend.
Pos:47.50N 17.56W
29-06-2002 GMT 17:22 Azores - Cork
Calm - calm and calm, so the engine is doing overtime now. We expect to leave the high pressure behind us by tomorrow. We spotted 2 big sperm whales and a big gang of dolphins.
Pos:42.18N 27.13W
28-06-2002 GMT 13:09 Azores - Cork
We departed from the Azores and are now heading for Cork in Ireland. 1167 Miles to go. Beatifull to be blue water sailing again. Everything OK.
Pos:39.55N 28.25W
17-06-2002 GMT 21:54 Antigua - Azores
Skipjack Tuna - a big green wastebin and a buye caught by surprise ;o) The weather is fine. 200 miles to go.
Pos:37.01N 32.25W
15-06-2002 GMT 14:13 Antigua - Azores
We have 490 Miles to go. The weather is fine and with a fair westerly wind. Yesterday we discovered that a huge fishingnet was stucked under the boat - we wonder for how long it has been there! Everything OK.
11-06-2002 GMT 13:47 Antigua - Azores
The wind is very fine and westerly so the old lady is jumping the waves like a dream ;o) Our spinaker is blown to pieces but the weather is fine and it looks stabil.
Pos: 31.00N 46.27W (Its getting f....... cold!)
08-06-2002 GMT 19:34 Antigua - Azores
Everything OK out here. Allmost halfway by now. Though we had to make an emergency repair on the Bowsprit - a minor but necessary repair! Everything under control and the sun is shining again ;o)
Pos:27.59N 51.25W
06-06-2002 GMT 23:00 Freatings from Craig
Double click here to listen and to see a greating from Craig the Kiwihunter

pilen.gif (506 bytes)Craig

04-06-2002 GMT 19:34 Antigua - Azores
Perfect Sailing! We caught a Spanish Macrell and a wild Barracuda. Everything Fine on board. 1700 Miles to go.
Pos:21.39N 56.42W
01-06-2002 GMT 18:17 Antigua
So - now we are ready for the next leg - the azores. We have been diving a lot around Antigua. Everything is now ready. Its going to be nice to sail in blue water again!
30-05-2002 GMT 21:05 Antigua
We arrived on Antigua. We caught a giant Tuna. We swallowed it raw! Craig ripped the warm and still beating heart out and swallowed it too - a real Kiwi-hunter! Everything OK - except the price tags ;o)
Pos:17.00N 61.45W
25-05-2002 GMT 22:37 Martinique
We arrived on St. Pierre, Martinique. Craig has arrived. We will probably stay for a couple of days to explore "the Deep Blue"
Pos:14.44n 61.11w
19-05-2002 GMT 14:11 Martinique
We arrived on Martinique after a no-pleasent-at-all-voyage!
Maiken returned to Denmark from Tobago. We are now anchoring outside Fort de France.
Pos:14.36N 61.04W
08-05-2002 GMT 20:45 Tobago
We arrived on Tobago after a incredible sail! Now we are going to celebrate with a few pints and a Pina Colada or seven. We have now circumnavigated the world. Tobago is the first place where we have been before. We sailed from one end of Tobago to the other with the largest possible detour !!!
Many friendly regards
Pos:11.10N 60.44W
06-05-2002 GMT 18:06 Cayenne - Tobago
We have a nothing but perfect sail and are rushing towards Tobago. Still 300 Miles to go. We expect arrival 09-05-2002. Everything OK.
Pos:8.07N 56.35W
04-05-2002 GMT 17:49 Cayenne - Tobago
Our departure was posponed because of an invitation to a rocket launch here in French Guyana. The Launch was a great success. Anchors away from the muddy ground around Cayenne. We are now heading for Tobago, 600 Nm to go.
Pos:5.09N 52.37W
28-04-2002 GMT 16:55 Cayenne
We just returned from a jungle-ride-in-an-indian-canoe deep into Frensh Guyana - whoouw what a trip!
It is very hard to get Internet access around here!
23-04-2002 GMT 16:35 Fortaleza - Cayenne
We arrived at Kourou, 30 NM Norht of Cayenne. We had a very good trip. The last part of the trip we were forced to minimize our sails just to keep the speed below 9 Knots! Just to avoyd arrival during nighttime. Everything OK here.
Pos:5.08N 52.38W
19-04-2002 GMT 22:58 Fortaleza - Cayenne
Now we hit our homerun - the nothern hemisphere. We crossed the Equator. We had a ceremony. A big tuna caught.
POS:0.01N 43.54W
16-04-2002 GMT 22:03 Fortaleza - Cayenne
We have departed from Fortaleza a couple of hours ago. Heading for Cayenne. Everyone is very tired and "outworn" from a great sambaparty last night. Everything OK onboard. We expect to be at sea for about 8 days.
11-04-2002 GMT 14:33 Fortaleza
Just arrived in Fortaleza. We are anchoring next to a 5 star Hotel. Soon - very soon we will exploit their pool !!!
09-04-2002 GMT 20:15 Fernando De Noronha - Brasilian Mainland
We just departed from Fernando now heading for the mainland of Brasil. Just a 362 Miles "jump".
POS:3.49.045S 32.37.657W
05-04-2002 GMT 12:54 Fernando De Noronha, Brasil
We did again. Anchor away. The water is 29 C. New Trans Atlantic Record - 12 Days and Nights. Beautifull sailing. Gigantic octopus caught.
Pos: 3.49.938S 32.24.447W
03-04-2002 GMT 18:10 St. Helena - Fernando De Noronha, Brasilien
Everything is fine. The wind is a bit unsteady today - tropic rain. Still 200 Miles to go.
Pos:5.10S 29.12W
01-04-2002 GMT 12:52 St. Helena - Fernando De Noronha, Brasilien
The weather is fine. It is incredible hot. About 500 Miles to go.
Pos:7.06S 24.30W
30-03-2002 GMT 15:15 St. Helena - Fernando De Noronha, Brasilien
Everything is OK onboard. The wind is still a steady tradewind. The temperature at 08:00h is 38C and the water 28C - Far out!!! 770 Miles to go before we strike Fernando.
Pos:9.00S 20.36W
27-03-2002 GMT 15:12 St. Helena - Fernando De Noronha, Brasilien
The weather is very good - 36 C in the shade
Pos:12.29S 14.41W
25-03-2002 GMT 18:31 St. Helena - Fernando De Noronha, Brasil
Cool Sailing - The wind is steady from SE. The workshop has been active all day with all kind of practical doings!
Pos:14.02S 10.23W
23-03-2002 GMT 18:31 St. Helena - Fernando De Noronha, Brasil
We departed St. Helena. VERY light wind! But the sun is shining and the temperature is skyhigh. Heading for Fernando De Noronha, Brasil.
Pos:15.39S 6.09W
17-03-2002 GMT 17:08 St. Helena
Yeahheee - a giant battleship. A GIANT Mantaray (more than 5 meter). A huge turtle. Fish in thousands. You can't hardly kick yourself a path down there!!! St. Helena is just to cool.
16-03-2002 GMT 18:37 St. Helena
We just arrived on St. Helena. The wind has been very good to us for the last couple of days. We just returned after a quick snorkel. The island looks very beautifull.
Pos: 15.55S 5.43W
14-03-2002 GMT 19:15 Capetown - St. Helena
Gently and steady we are getting closer to St. Helena. Only 220 Miles to go. The wind is very light. The sun is shining bright and we are "cruissing".
Pos: 18.07S 2.31W (Notice the westerly latitude)
12-03-2002 GMT 18:30 Capetown - St. Helena
A lot of fish has been caught and eaten! The genaker is up. Soon we will cross the Greenwich latitude.
POS: 20.16S 0.36E
10-03-2002 GMT 11:46 Capetown - St. Helena
We are getting closer to St. Helena. 738 Miles to go. We are catching Tunas and doradoes. We are just "picking the menu". Every sail is up.
POS:23.18S 4.43E
08-03-2002 GMT 13:32 Capetown - St. Helena
We made it! Now we have in fact sailed around the world. We are on the same longitude as we started out. But there is still a fair bit of travelling to be made before we strike the same latitude to - in Esbjerg, Denmark. The sun is shining. Everyone on board is well. No seasickness. Bath on the foredeck and danish liquorice - yaaami
POS:25.57S 8.30E
05-03-2002 GMT 16:24 Capetown - St. Helena
We think that we striked the trade wind. We are "rock and rolling". We caught a giant Tuna. Two big Albatrosse are following us along the trail. Everyone in good shape and in good spirit.
POS:29.42S 14.25E
03-03-2002 GMT 08:36 Capetown - St. Helena
Departed from Capetown. The Sun is High and everyone is looking forward to this voyage.
Pos:33.50S 18.20
10-01-2002 GMT 01:32 Capetown
Yhaaaaaeeee - Cape of Good Hope is done! Right now we are situated in the Atlantic - again! Very good voyage, plenty of sunshine and the swell has been moderate. We have seen whales and sharks. We expect to arrive in Cape Town in about 5 hours. Congratulations wil be appreeciated ;o)
08-01-2002 GMT 11:25 Port Elisabeth - Capetown
We departed Knysna. We are heading for Cape Aguljas. We have seen more than 100 dolphins and albatross.
POS:34.15S 22.28E



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