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28-12-1999 GMT 17:45 Trinidad

We just arrived in Trinidad. We will wait here untill our engine is fixed.
S/Y Dream

24-12-1999 GMT 21:18 Bucco Reef, Tobago

In this very minute you are probably sitting at home eating a great christmas meal. We are going out scuba-diving! We just returned from our jungle-tour. That was a great experience - imagine to sleep in a hammock in the middle of the jungle. We wish you all a merry christmas.

13-12-1999 GMT 18:35 The Atlantic Ocean

Yahooo - We did it - We arrived in Tobago! Champagne and a cool beer has been consumed. Very good tour across the atlantic. We conquerred the "big pond" - give us one more.

11-12-1999 GMT 22:36 The Atlantic Ocean

Everything OK - The wind is back - very nice. We will arrive in Trinidad within the next 48 hours. We caught two tunafish - yammi

09-12-1999 GMT 23:30 The Atlantic Ocean

We are still OK and there is still no wind. The engine is out of order so we are drifting. Menu for tonight: Pizza!

07-12-1999 GMT 22:43 The Atlantic Ocean

We are OK even though there is very little wind now. The last few days has been very fine. We managed to ruin our genaker - but we fixed it already.

30-11-1999 GMT 18:48 The Atlantic Ocean

The wind is back. We just had freshbaked brownbread with Nutella and coffee. Everyone on board is looking forward to December the first. Then we start listening to Christmasmusic and we are going to decorate the vessel according to danish traditions. The spinaker has been repaired.
X-mas greatings from DREAM

28-11-1999 GMT 01:28 The Atlantic Ocean

Everything OK here and the spirit is high. The water/air temparature 25/36 C. Yesterday we caught 8 doradoes. We are short of wind - we have been drifting for the last 48 hours....

25-11-1999 GMT 18:06 The Atlantic Ocean

The third day on the Atlantic. Everything karm. The spinaker is up. 2 giant fish went of the hooks and we lost to baits. We found the Portugise trade wind and now we are rocking and rolling.

23-11-1999 GMT 18:06 The Atlantic Ocean

We left Cap Verde and are heading for the Caribic. Everything OK onboard. There is only 2082NM left. We are running 7 knots.

19-11-1999 GMT 13:58 Porto Grande, Sao Vicente (Cap Verde))

We just arrived on Cap Verde. With plenty of wind we managed to run at an average speed of 140 NM pr. day. We are now situated in Porto Grande on the isle of Sao Vicente.Porto Grande on the isle of Sao Vicente.

18-11-1999 GMT 03:44 (165 NM north of Sal, Cap Verde Isl.)

S/Y Dream repports that there is plenty of wind and that everyting is OK. The crew is very happy that the Denmark-Israel football game ended 5-0 and 3-0 in the favor of Denmark (of course).

16-11-1999 GMT 19:00

Day 3 or is it 4 on the Atlantic ocean - nobody knows and nobody cares. The course is South and we will reach Cap Verde on Friday. Dennis caught the most ugly looking fish today. It ended its day as sharkbait. A cockroach came onboard - now it and its family has been! (we hope)

15-11-1999 GMT 17:00 (280 miles south of Gomera)

We are well of to Cap Verde. The Spinaker has been up for the last 2 days and nights. We caught a big dorado - it will end its days as our supper!

13-11-1999 Gomera

Dream left Gomera today. They are heading for Cap Verde.

11-11-1999 Gomera

We arrived in Gomera and are by now refueling and preparing for The TransAtlantic part 1. We went swimming together with a big group of pilot whales - that was great fun.

08-11-1999 Tenerife

Dream arrived on Tenerife. The crew were taken by surprise by Lena and Tonny on the Canary Island. They spent a nice week on board Dream. Mikkel and NP are now back in Denmark.

06-11-1999 Tenerife

We left the Canary Islands and are heading for Tenerife. We will be there at sunset. Here we will pick up Senne Tuesday.

31-10-1999 Arguineguin, (Grand Canaria)

Relatives and girlfriends spend the last week with the crew
"a rather bussy week". Two crew-members are now preparing there "homerun". At November 9th Senne is going to join the rest.
Preparation is also beeing made for the first major crossing - the Atlantic Ocean. They do not know yet what day they will leave for Cap Verde.

22-10-1999 Arguineguin, (Grand Canaria)

We arrived at Arguineguin on the Canary Island. We are leaving for Puerto Rico tomorrow. We caught a big tuna 10-12 kg a good reason to celebrate. The water is 24 C and the air 32 C - So life is beautifull.

19-10-1999 Puerto De Naos (Lanzarote)

NP returned to Dream after a sevear foodpoisoning. Everything is OK again. Tomorrow morning we are heading for the Canary Islands.

19-10-1999 Puerto De Naos (Lanzarote)

Dream arrived late last night in Puerto De Naos on the Canary Islands.

16-10-1999 South of Casablanca (Maroc)

We left Maroc. Heading for the Canary Islands. We have used the spinaker all day, but now the wind is less good so we are running by engine now.

13-10-1999 Casablanca (Maroc)

Dream is probably leaving Casablanca tomorrow. They are heading towards The Canary Islands. They will be there in about one week.

08-10-1999 Casablanca (Maroc)

We arrived in Casablanca tonight. We have not checked in yet - so we are not aloved to go from board - We will wait until tomorrow. Dennis and Michal have caught two tunafish and they are about to start op the barbeque - meaning big tuna steaks.

07-10-1999 North of Casablanca (Maroc)

We are now about 80 Nm North of Casablanca. Very little wind. We just manage to keep up the spinaker. Lovely weather. Temperature 24 C at 11pm. We will be in Casablanca late tomorrow.

06-10-1999 Gibraltar (UK)

Dream is leaving Gibraltar this evening. The journey to Moroco is expected to take about 3 days.

03-10-1999 Gibraltar (UK)

We arrived at Gibraltar late afternoon. We will stay here for a couple of days to have the windrudder repaired and then straight to Maroco. windrudder repaired and then straight to Maroco.

02-10-1999 Cadiz (Spain)

We just passed Cadiz. We decided not to go in there. Instead we continue to Gibraltar. The weather is very fine, but there is not much wind - just enough to fill the spinaker. We will arrive at Gibraltar tomorrow.

28-09-1999 17:03 GMT Lisboa (Portugal)

We have now left Lisboa. Weather is good. Heading for Cadiz. We will be there in a couple of days.

23-09-1999 12:14 GMT Lisboa (Portugal)

We are now back in Lisboa. The weather was to tough. The layer cake was very good.
Sincerely S/Y DreamSincerely S/Y Dream

22-09-1999 Lisboa (Portugal)

We are leaving Lisboa in this very minute (22-09-1999 19.15 GMT) We are heading for Cadiz (Spain). Distance 250 Nautical Miles. We will arrive there in a couple of days. Yacht and crew is nice and shiny. Layer cake is ready for consumption.
Sincerely S/Y Dream

16-09-1999 Lisboa (Portugal)

We have pulled Dream on land now - this is rather cheap here in Lisboa. We need to scrape and paint her bottom! At the same time we will shift some zink anodes and a fittings on the rudder. This will take about one week.

13-09-1999 Lisboa (Portugal)

S/Y Dream arrived in Lisboa at 7.00 PM monday 13-09-1999. The "Dinkum Dunny" has been like a fountain. However everything seems to be OK again. (What about the odour? red.)

10-09-1999 Porto (Portugal)

S/Y Dream leaves Porto tomorrow 11-09-1999. Expected time of arrival in Lisboa 14-09-1999. The engine is running fine now. The water is warm so they dust their diving gear.

07-09-1999 Porto (Portugal)

It has come to our knowledge that: "The dear sailors has arrived in Porto Sunday evening (05-09-1999). They will stay here for a couple of days before they continue to Lisboa (Portugal)"

03-09-1999 Islas Cies (Spain)

We are now ride ride at anchor by the Islas Cies just outside Vigo in Spain. The area is a nature reserve and we are going to explore there tomorrow. We will stay here until we get more wind - then of to Porto.

02-09-1999 Cap Finistere (Spain)

We did it. We crossed the Bay of Biscay and has just pasted Cap Finestere and are now heading for Porto. This will take about 24 hours. We are going for pancakes now! The weather is fine - it has been rough some times, but all in all it has been a fine crossing.
We have seen a lot of dolphins and whales. The engine works fine now.

30-08-1999 Biscayen

Dream expect to arrive in Porto (Portugal) about 03-08-1999 if everything will stay OK

28-08-1999 Falmouth (UK)

  • The engine is running again - The crew repaired it last night.
  • The sailor who torpedoed Dream yesterday has run into another boat.
  • Dream is leavin from Falmouth today at 09.00 GMT. The will sail on the edge of a high pressure and a low pressure zone. This means fair wind - they hope.

26-08-1999 Falmouth (UK)

  • S/Y Dream is waiting for good weather in Falmouth (UK) to cross the Bay of Biscay.

21-08-1999 Portsmouth (UK)

16-08-1999 Portsmouth (UK)

  • Today at noon Dream arrived in Portsmouth - Towed in by the harbor-police. The reason was engine-trouble (again). It was a dieselfilter that had to be replaced - Its done by now. The crew plans to stay in Portsmouth a couple of days to visit an old friend David.

08-08-1999 Calais (Fr)

  • Dream arrived in Calais 07-08-1999 early morning. They had a very good voyage. A minor engineproblem was solved within 20 minutes by the crew themselfes.
  • Tomorrow, Monday the crew will see some of the remains from World War II situated in the neighbourhood of Calais.
  • Tuesday the journey continious further south and then towards England. They will not as mentioned earlier sail to Southhampton, but head for Portsmouth

04-08-1999 Helgoland (GER)

  • This morning S/Y Dream will head towards Calais (France). This leg will take approx. 4-5 days. Here they will regenerate the human ressources for a couple of days. Next destination after Calais is Southhampton (UK).

03-08-1999 Helgoland (GER)

  • The Dream Team has called from the Island Helgoland. They arrived 02.08-1999 at 10pm. They had good wind and a pleasant journey.

01-08-1999 Esbjerg (DK):

  • Finaly they found peace in there minds - of they went. The conditions was superb - the weather was nothing but perfect, the spirit in crowd was good and even a minor "wawing-armada" was there.
  • About 150 people had gathered around to wave goodbye to the 6 young men on board S/Y Dream.
  • We wish every one on board and the ones to join later - a very good worldtour.


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