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28-12-2000 GMT 08:00 Auckland, New Zealand

We just arrived in Auckland and are situated in the West Haven Marina.

19-12-2000 GMT 10:00 New Zealand

The wildest thing has happened! - We just went Bungy Jumping from the highest Bungy Jump in New Zealand "Nevis Highwire" - 134m free fall. Coooooooooooolll

14-12-2000 GMT 00:00 New Zealand

Parents to the crew is visiting New Zealand for the next 2-3 weeks. They are traveling around the islands by four-wheel-drives and motorbikes...

18-11-2000 GMT 10:49 Tonga - New Zealand

Iiaaaba-da-ba-do Drop the anchor. Put the Champagne in the cooler. The customs officer will be here very soon and then - off to bed....

18-11-2000 GMT 05:18 Tonga - New Zealand

Landfall! Finally - The last 150 Miles took us about 3 days.... New Zealand here we come. We will be on land tonight.

17-11-2000 GMT 07:23 Tonga - New Zealand

The weather is fine, but New Zealand is not tropical! So the warm clothes is in use. The spirit is high. A more realistic guess concerning the time of arrival will be Opua, NZ on Sunday.

16-11-2000 GMT 16:33 Tonga - New Zealand

We are still fighting our way against the wind. Saturday is the day we expect to arrive in New Zealand. We are looking foreward to get solid ground under our feet.

14-11-2000 GMT 14:19 Tonga - New Zealand

We dont know yet when we will reach New Zealand, but a guess will be Saturday or Sunday. We still have 180 Miles to go and the wind in front! Everything OK onboard.

12-11-2000 GMT 21:52 Tonga - New Zealand

Red: Dream is "on the road" again! The five crewmembers sends warm thoughts back home after a storm with 60-90 knt wind! The last 4 days they have been hove-to:

We are beating up against the wind. Slowly but steady towards New Zealand. The spirit is high - We are sailing again!

Red.: For further details please wait for upcomming e-mails and "Dream Times" as Dream arrive in New Zealand.

07-11-2000 GMT 16:02 Tonga - New Zealand

Slowly advance in light wind. A big tunafish and 136 cm Dorado caught - Big dinner.

05-11-2000 GMT 07:29 Tonga - New Zealand

Everything is fine here. 2˝ day with sunshine, wind for spinakersailing. Pancakes and popcorn consumed. Dolphins in the sundown.

04-11-2000 GMT 05:31 Tonga - New Zealand

We have left Tonga and are bound for New Zealand.

02-11-2000 GMT 02:30 Tongatapu, Nukualofa

We will soon be off - we will leave from Tongatapu tomorrow. The weather has been very bad down south from here, and that is where we are heading. But it is getting better by now - although with a tendency to calm wind. 
We will probably be in Opua by the 14th November. Here we will pick up a friend of ours - Emil who arrived here by a tallship "Blue Dawn of Sark".

10-10-2000 GMT 01:45 Tongatapu, Nukualofa

Arrived on Tongatapu, Nukualofa and are now waiting for a few necessities and Rene to arrive from Denmark. We had a nice "sail" till here. The wind was good and plenty. Tomorrow everyone on board will check and respond to their e-mails!

07-10-2000 GMT 03:46 Ofolanga

Arrived on Ofolanga, Haapai group. The wind is strong. Winds up to 8 Beaufort (20m/s). Everyone on board is very tired after this trip. We went out spinakerflying just before leaving Ofolanga! That was COOOL.

03-10-2000 GMT 07:16 NeiafuIgen

Arrived on NeiafuIgen. We enjoy life here and are gathering strenght for the trip back to Tongatapu where we will pick up  Rene at the airport. The weather is nothing but perfect - sun and 40 C°

25-09-2000 GMT 22:08 Vavau, Tonga

Arrived on Vavau group in Tonga. We dropped the anchor near Neiafu. The weather is cloudy and rainy. The wind is very powerfull.

23-09-2000 GMT 06:13 Ha'ano

We arrived on Ha'ano in the Haapai-Group. There is very little wind, but the sun is shining and the sky is blue.

21-09-2000 GMT 00:38 Haapai

Arrived on the Haapai-Group. We had a perfect dive here. We are leaving tomorrow.

20-09-2000 GMT 16:55 Tongatapu - Haapai

We just left Tongatapu. We are now heading to the Haapai Group and after that the Vava'u Group. Everything OK onboard.

14-09-2000 GMT 05:35 Tonga

Arrived in Tonga! A warm welcome from lots of dolphins and Humpback whales. Marco is flying back home to Denmark today. The weather is fine and everyone is in good condition and the spirits are high.

11-09-2000 GMT 05:38 Niue - Tonga

We left Niue. We are now heading for Tonga. We will arrive there in 3 days. An old Genaker is teared in 3 pieces but we repaired it with some "super tape". The weather is fine and "the old lady" is still rolling. Soon she will cross the dateline.

09-09-2000 GMT 06:03 Niue

Arrived at Niue. This is a very cool place. Humpback whales and sea serpents swimming around between the boats at the anchorage. 60 meters sight under water - We are getting more and more webs between our fingers!!!

06-09-2000 GMT 02:43 Beveridge Reef

Arrived at Beveridge Reef - A reef in the middle of the South Pacific. We are all alone here. Fantastic snorkeling site.

04-09-2000 GMT 07:54 Rarotonga - Beveridge Reef

150 mil to Beveridge Reef. You probably think its a lie but its a fact. 10-15 Humpback whales passed  Dream, distance=about 20m. Some of them even jumped out of the water - Whoow. The sea is still quiet calm.

02-09-2000 GMT 16:30 Rarotonga - Beveridge Reef

We departed from Rarotonga. Heading for Beveridge Reef. Lovely weather - and calm sea.

29-08-2000 GMT 05:11 Rarotonga

Marco and Morten has arrived. We have been on a trekking tour cross the island of Rarotonga. The local people are very gentle and they love to tell about their island.

23-08-2000 GMT 07:27 Rarotonga

We arrived in Cook, Rarotonga. Several of the crewmembers where VERY happy to see land. No nomes will be mentioned!
A huge strawberry Milkshake was consumed shortly after arrival.
We dropped the anchor 30 meter from the
Milkshake- and Burgerbar. Everything OK on board and the ship is in good condition.

18-08-2000 GMT 01:29 Bora Bora

We will depart from Bora Bora in 2 hours and are now heading for the Cook Islands. Two (backpackers) new crewmembers on board - Sanne and Nic.

13-08-2000 GMT 05:35 Bora Bora

We arrived on Bora Bora. Perfect weather. The new gearbox is OK. "Evening Star" (Red.: Swiss boat) is here again and a reunion-celebration is comming up.

11-08-2000 GMT 11:42 Raiatea

Gearbox error: 1 bearing completely demolished. A local mechanic has ordered 4 new ones. We will be ready in about 3 days from now.

10-08-2000 GMT 05:59 Raiatea

We stripped the gearbox! Completely demolished! Spare parts should be available on Tahiti. Tomorrow morning we will strart error locating. The high spirit is coming back.

09-08-2000 GMT 01:49 Raiatea

We arrived safely on Raiatea. Rather exiting entry without motor - windy and foggy. Everything OK.
Everyone did a good job and now we are going to rest before we are checking the gearbox.

08-08-2000 GMT 04:37 Tahiti-Raiatea

We are situated between Tahiti and Raiatea.
A strange sound has occurred in the region of the gearbox. We are about 14 hours by sail from the island of Raiatea but we are fine.

02-08-2000 GMT 23:17 Tahiti

After 4 months with S/Y Dream Heidi decided to join the "Persian Lady".

31-07-2000 GMT 22:38 Tahiti

Tahiti in sight. Hard countercurrent, and huge waves. We celebrated the 26th birthday of Dennis. The kitchen was converted into a dancefloor with space for 12 wild sailors.

16-07-2000 GMT 07:48 Huahine

We are back on Huahine. Huge birthday party under construction! We will leave for Tahiti 29-07-2000

21-07-2000 GMT 00:04 Bora Bora

We arrived in Bora Bora! The most beautiful island in the world - yes its true! The spirit is high - and we are converting the newcomers into really sailors. Life is a gift.
With southern blessings - the crew from S/Y Dream

16-07-2000 GMT 07:48 Huahine

We left Moorea and arrived in Huahine. Nice voyage - Lots of shifting winds though. The new crewmembers did fine.
We went on a super-trekkingtour to some og Mooreas peaks. 

02-07-2000 GMT 03:30 Tahiti

Dream has arrived in Tahiti. Festival days - all month!!!. We bought a new motor for the dinghy. We had a little trouble with a few storms down South, so the weather was quiet miserable - Down to 28 C !!!

22-06-2000 GMT 04:06 Rangiroa

We left Ahe an arrived on Rangiroa. Everything OK. Sunshine and plenty of scuba diving. Dream Times is under construction;-) We will mail it from Tahiti (app 01-07-2000)

16-06-2000 GMT 04:37 Tuamotu

We arrived in Tuamoto, Ahe. It was an exceptional arrival. The sun was shining bright, the watercolor was turquoise. We are planning a dive.

13-06-2000 GMT 09:07 Nuku Hiva - Tuamotu

Red.: Here is an explanation why we have received no Newsletter from Dream for a long time:

Hotmail is unreliable, expensive and incredible slow. We are now heading for Tuamoto. We will arrive in 4 days. Shark attacked our just caught Giant Tuna. Only the head was left over - what a bloodbath.

02-06-2000 GMT 08:06 Nuku Hiva, Marquessas

We dropped the anchor at Nuku Hiva. Champagne, beer, rum, popcorn. We are just to cool. The largest ocean in the world and we made it in just 21 days.

01-06-2000 GMT 23:12 Marquessas

Yes we did it- in 21 days! Landfall. Champagne on ice. Very high spirit. Nuku Hiva here we come.

30-05-2000 GMT 23:55 Galapagos-Marquessas

Sail bursted. It is being repaired by now. Everything is OK. We will be on Marquessas 02-06-2000

26-05-2000 GMT 23:26 Galapagos-Marquessas

Full speed ahead. Expected time of arrival on Marquessas 02-06-2000. Still 880 Miles to go.

18-05-2000 GMT 08:20 Galapagos-Marquessas

Life is beautiful. Everything OK. High spirits. Plenty of fish. The wind is still good and the sea is high. We are doing about 6.2 knots or 150 Miles every 24 hour.

14-05-2000 GMT 21:11 Galapagos-Marquessas

Swiss boat in trouble – sickness onboard. We transferred Rene to the boat to help. Everything OK! New 24 hour speedrecord: 186 Miles. High Sea, Octopus on deck, Lots of tuna. We are tired, but in good spirit.

12-05-2000 GMT 01:07 Galapagos

Departed from Galapagos. The wind is good. The spinaker is set. 7 knots. 3000 miles to next stop.

10-05-2000 GMT 19:41 Galapagos

We have been out diving with hammer- Galapagos- and reefsharks. 30-40 Stingrays – quiet impressing!!! 60-100 hammerheadsharks!! Sea-lions and Turtles!
We will probably continue our voyage tomorrow. Every telephoneline is under repair here!!!!!

01-05-2000 GMT 16:41 Galapagos

We dropped the anchor at  Isla Isabella, Villamil, Galapagos-Islands. Whales 12-15 meter and hundreds of sealions gave us company. What a reception!

29-04-2000 GMT 18:06 Equator

We crossed the Equator. Now we are on the southern hemisphere. Everyone is very happy. Everyone is babtized in honour of the god of the oceans Neptune. Still lots of dolphins around.

27-04-2000 GMT 20:49 Isla Perlas - Galapagos

The wind is fine, less counter current, lots of tuna, sunshine and nice food. The Pacific is a strange ocean.

25-04-2000 GMT 13:35 Isla Perlas - Galapagos

Whales, dolphins, wind (uphill job), counter current, layer cake and high spirit.

21-04-2000 GMT 22:07 Isla Perlas - Galapagos

Huge Dorado caught, Coconut and popcorn consumed. Very shifting wind - right now it is very fine. Very hot and incredible humid.

19-04-2000 GMT 20:35 Isla Perlas

Leaving Isla Perlas, Curse:Galapagos
Regards Dream 

17-04-2000 GMT 02:38 Isla Perlas

We arrived in Isla Perlas. We will wait here for wind enough to leave for Galapagos

15-04-2000 GMT 20:38 Panama

We are leaving for Islas Perlas tomorrow morning and from there to Galapagos!!

11-04-2000 GMT 18:06 The Panama Canal

They did it!

11-04-2000 GMT 17:23 The Panama Canal

We will enter the locks between 18:00 and 19:00 GMT  (maybe+1 hour) - Pacific Here We Come

10-04-2000 GMT 18:04 The Panama Canal

We passed the first locks in the Canal allready, and we are riding at anchor for the night. We will do the last lock, Miraflores tomorrow between 18.00 and 22.00 GMT. We will send a message one hour in advance so stay tuned and you will be able to wave to us live here.

06-04-2000 GMT 19:21 Isla Grande, (Panama)

From a well informed souce it is announced that everything is OK on board. S/Y Dream  is expected to go for the Panama Canal the 10th of April.

At the mouth of the Canal - on the Pacific side - a web-camera is installed. If you are feeling lucky (or patient) you might be able to join S/Y Dream at the entrance to the Pacific. This will occur approximately 13th or 14th of April. You can join them here.

01-04-2000 GMT 03.30 Isla Grande, (Panama)

We caught a giant ”redsnapper” with a spine like a human being and teeth like a shark. Weight 25kg! We are standby for transit through the Panama Canal.

28-03-2000 GMT 20.05 Isla Grande, (Panama)

We just arrived on Isla Grande. We had a 5 days cruise - beautifull.

28-03-2000 GMT 12.30 NorthEast of Isla Grande, (Panama)

Destination has been changed to Isla Grande, Panama. We will arrive there on Tuesday (red.:today). We had 3 days with spinakersailing. Dream

22-03-2000 GMT 23.00 Aruba (Dutch Antilles)

It is Stefans birthday today. We had a superb dive on a World War II wreck. We are now heading for San Blas (nearby Panama) and we expect to arrive in 6 days. Dream

19-03-2000 GMT 13.55 Aruba (Dutch Antilles)

We just arrived in Aruba. Dream

17-03-2000 GMT 21.00 Curacao, (Dutch Antilles)

Life is beautifull. A giant Moray with a head as big as a football has been spotted. Our supper is served on the beach - lovely.

The Dream Crew is planning to leave for Aruba on sunday 19-03-2000. 

08-03-2000 GMT 21.14 Curacao (Dutch Antilles)

Dennis, who has been in Denmark to pick up Heidi, has arrived in Curacao. We expect to leave from here on Sunday. Dream

08-02-2000 GMT 00:00 Trinidad

The engine is about to be re-installed. There is only a few details missing. We expect to leave for Isla Magarita very soon.


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